Dining Area Interior Design Ideas For Wine Lovers

If you are a wine lover and you want interior design ideas to convert your dining area into a fun beautiful winery you should adopt AUGMENTED REALITY ART Wine.

Augmented Reality Art is the latest trend used in interior design to create aesthetically designs full of creativity. The best part is that you can take the do-it-yourself approach and create art wine thanks to apps such as LooksAR Pro.

LooksAR Pro is an app where art meets technology to deliver the best experience. When you use AUGMENTED REALITY you can discover the story behind the art. It will awaken the sense of adventure letting you create beautiful things and discover new paths.

Interior design with wine should not be boring as there are many elements you can incorporate such as corks, augmented reality art wine, and wine bottle art. Here are some amazing interior design ideas for wine lovers.

Interior Design Ideas For Wine Lovers

Wine Bottle Art

You can decor your dining area with wine bottles. Use your creativity to decorate by reusing materials that are otherwise waste. Some ideas include:

  • Use mini wine bottles as mosaics
  • Add lights inside a bottle to have a lamp
  • Cut wine bottles to create vases, lamps, and light fixtures
  • Paint wine bottles to create different things. You can also add Augmented Reality Art Wine to the bottles to be used as vases, and more.

Decor Your Bar

If you have a bar in your dining area decorate it with wine decor. You can do things such as:

  • Hang a wine neon sign
  • Personalized wine bar signs. One way, to do it is by downloading the LooksAR Pro app and selecting the augmented reality art wine you prefer. This way you can be sure you are making unique decor.
  • Place wine plaques. This is a simple way to make your bar nicer.
  • Use wine chalkboard signs. It is a funny way to let your guests know the menu of drinks, to write messages or make a guest board.

Augmented Reality Art Wine

Making augmented reality art wine in articcio.com it is a very easy decor accent to do if you are a wine lover. You can choose one or two wine arts to create and then just place them in your dining area, bar, or kitchen.

Remember, to make your decor fun. Your dining area doesn’t need to be so serious. So be creative when you pick your art wine at articcio.com.

Finally, whether you are  hiring professional interior designers or if you are doing it yourself, you can use Augmented Reality Art applications, such as LooksAR Pro, to experiment with design elements to have the dining area of your dreams!

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