Why Your Kids Might Love Interactive Art In Their Room

Designing your kids’ room is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. These days you can do a lot to make those spaces active. Thanks to apps such as LooksAR Pro you can transform your kid’s room into a fun-learned space with interactive art.

Your kids’ room is the perfect place for them to learn as it is a representation of their energy levels. That’s why it is so important to guide their creativity positively. The best way to do it is by placing art in the room.

Here are some interactive art installation ideas to inspire your kids at home.

Interactive Art Installations Ideas

Whiteboard Wall

A whiteboard wall is a simple way to bring out the artist inside your kid. By hanging a whiteboard wall in your kids’ room they will be able to express themselves by having a huge canvas where they can create colorful graffitis.

Wall Map

Make your kids fall in love with geography by placing a wall map in their room. Choose the world’s map or the country’s map. Then ask your kids to pin every place they know or wish to travel. Choose between a mural, wallpaper or huge wall art of the map.

Augmented Reality Art

It is never too early to make your kids love the artwork. A great way to do it is by placing AUGMENTED REALITY ARTWORK in their rooms. It is very easy to do it just follow these simple steps:

Step # 1 Download free LooksAR Pro app from the App Store or Google Play

Step # 2 Start the app, hit the button below and point your device at any of the artworks on articcio.com

Step # 3 Buy the augmented reality artwork to discover the magic behind interactive art.

Choose from a wide variety of augmented reality artwork depending on your kids’ tastes. The collection is available in a variety of high-quality printed formats in five different sizes, suitable for any wall or occasion

Wall Panel

Convert your kids’ room into a safe play zone by adding a wall panel. You can add elements such as spin master or a gear wheel with rubber balls to give a sensorial experience for your kids. Believe me, your kids and their friends will spend countless hours playing.

Having a wall panel will help your kids with their motor skills and they will develop their problem-solving abilities.

Finally, kids’ bedrooms are fun to decorate. There are no design rules to stand in your way. And, of course, the most enjoyable part has to be the walls, especially now that you can create augmented reality work, for a bold and fun design!

augmented reality work
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